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Title: American Heritage
Manufacturer: Craft Master
Kit series: New artist  2441-52
Catalog number NA- 2447
in box with 3D2
Notes: 2 matching pictures,
24 oil colors
brent grant


$5 at a thrift shop: the wittiest example of the Paint by Number genre I have ever seen—and the most well painted one. It uses every trick in the trompe-l’oeil book, including the picture of the bird as a window.

When I was four or five my older brother opened a PBN on Christmas Eve and started to paint it.  I don’t really remember the picture but it was something like this:


What I can still vividly recall was the color he opened first:


“Pale Green” and the smell of it—Oil, Wax and Earth! I was seized by a mania to paint and he wouldn’t let me touch it.

This is the palette from the Modern Masters series:

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