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The aim of The ‘temporary Museum is to exhibit and discuss contemporary painting in all its various forms, whether fashionable or unfashionable (at the moment). It is our opinion that a painting, by virtue of its compact, intense stillness, is the perfect object for both contemplation and conversation. We actually think (arguably) that painting and drawing create the world that we see; they are the most subtle and evolutionary of the visual arts.

Socrates rejected painting (and all the arts) partly because there is no absolute criterion for its worth. Conversely, we reject absolute criteria in favor of shifting ones that need to be continuously established and demolished.

  A 'temporary Closing
  The Impermanent Collection VI February 2 - March 16,, '08   The Face
November 17, '07 - January 27, '08

‘tMoP card #13, 2008
by Katherine Bradford

‘tMoP card #12, 2008
by The Acme Sign Company

‘tMoP card #11, 2007
by Dawn Clements
  The Impermanent Collection V
September 15 - November 11, '07
  The Impermanent Collection IV
June 16 - July 29, '07
  In a Series
April 21 - June 10, '07

‘tMoP card #10, 2007
by Joseph Woolridge

‘tMoP card #9, 2007
by Laura Newman

‘tMoP card #8, 2007
by Shinobu Isihara
February 10-April 15, '07
  The Square
November 18, '06-February 4, '07
  The Impermanent Collection III
September-November 2006

‘tMoP card #7, 2007
by Anthony Smith Jr.

‘tMoP card #6, 2006
by Adam Simon

‘tMoP card #5, 2006
by Kurt Hoffman
  By the Beautiful Sea
May-July 2006
  A Painting and a Drawing I
February-April 2006
  The Impermanent Collection II
October 2005-January 2006

‘tMoP card #4, 2006
by Su Friedrich

‘tMoP card # 3
by Brent Ridge

‘tMoP card #2, 2005
by Shelley Herbert and Brian McCarthy
  The Impermanent Collection I
July-September 2005

‘tMoP card #1, 2005
by Mathew R. Weaver